Clownatec is business since 1995. We entertain thousands of people each year. You can’t go wrong with us! We have the highest quality standards possible. Our services are funny and our clowns are funny and impressive.

What do you need?

What our clown does for…

Your Restaurant
  • Increases the number of repeated visits
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increases your revenu
  • Helps the promotion
  • Helps to create a “family getaway


Your Servers
  • Improves the work environment
  • Energizes the employees
  • Increases tips
  • Makes waiting time magicaly disappear


Your Clients
  • Offers a gift on your behalf
  • Gives special attention
  • Creates a positive and memorable experience
  • Provides stories for the “Word-to-mouth
  • Provides a reason to come back
  • Makes waiting time fun

Celebrate in a BIG way

Whether its for someone birthday party, a special reunion or just for fun, going to a restaurant is always a change from your routine. By adding entertainment, you make it a Getaway. This way, you increase the perceived value of meal.


Clowns are extremely colourful. They are characters which instantly invoke humor and funny childhood memories. This translate into an unforgettable event for any age group. How many meals are you able to recall in great details? With Clownatec, nothing is easier! No other entertainment this accessible offers you a chance to create a memorable day as easily!